Slab Leak Solutions

Water From Pipe

A Slab Leak Can Cause a Lot of Damage Under the Ground.

As professional slab leak specialists with years of experience and training, we come to you, ready to find your leak and repair the problem as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. There are signs that your home might have a slab leak that you may want to get yourself familiar with so that you are able to call us right away if you think there is any kind of problem. It is important that you get this taken care of right away because the longer that a slab leak sits, the worse off it will get.

While these kinds of leaks are happening, they can be soaking the ground and foundation underneath your home. That can mean several different things. When the dirt and foundation shifts under your home, it can cause your slab to crack. This will, in turn, shift the inside of your home, causing cracks in walls, other plumbing might move or become damaged, and more leaks can occur. It can also seep up through your floor and damage your flooring and cause mold to develop and grow in your walls or underneath your carpet. This will not only put off a foul smell, but it can also be dangerous to the health of you and your family. Mold will spread all throughout your home and it is hard to get rid of without a professional.

A few signs that you should look out for when you suspect that you have a slab leak include:

  • Wet spots on your floor that have seemingly come out of nowhere
  • Hot spots on your floor or hot in one specific area
  • Water seeping through the foundation slab on the outside of your house next to the wall
  • Higher water bills than you are used to having
  • Water coming up through concrete floor

If you begin to notice any slab leak signs in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call our professionals at Slab Leak Solutions at 817-281-5325 and let us help you right away.

Our Professionals

When it comes to slab leaks, we don’t want you to leave anything to chance. When we set out to build this company, we decided to specialize in slab leaks because they are a major problem that requires professionals that know exactly what they are doing and what they are looking for in the process. Our team uses top of the line technology like infrared detection and camera inspections because it helps to find a water leak under a house, faster than ever before. In the past, slab leaks and many leaks for that matter were very difficult to locate. It took plumbers days sometimes just to find where the problem was coming from. This made repairs very expensive because the time it took to go through this process was vast. With the technology and training that we have today, we are able to find slab leaks quickly and figure out a way to make sure that we can get the problem found and repaired for you the most efficient way possible.

All of our technicians are fully trained, certified, and licensed so that you can have peace of mind that we all know what we are doing and do it very well. We always do our best to keep you in the loop and provide you with options before we start any repairs. That way, you can decide what will work best for your budget and home. Some options are more extensive than others or will provide preventative measures in the future like repiping. This is something that insurance companies will almost never cover so we make sure that you understand that and give you all the information you need to make the most informed decision.

Dust Free Jack Hammering

Jack Hammering

Keep The Dust Out Of Your Home!

If you have ever been around someone who is using a jackhammer, you will likely have seen the giant cloud of dust that is surrounding them. When we are trying to repair a slab leak, it is often that we have to drill into your cement to get to the problem. In order to avoid a major mess in your home and harmful dust particles for yourself and us to be breathed in, we use dust free jackhammering. The way that this works is that there is a connection for a vacuuming system that will attach to part of the jackhammer. This way, when it is on, it is able to pull the dust and other particles up into the vacuum and grab them before they even get into the air. This is so important, not only because of the mess that is involved, but because concrete being broken down like that is dangerous to breathe in and puts you and our workers at risk for things like lung cancer, lung scarring, and silicosis which can be fatal. We will always take the proper precautions to keep you and your home as safe as possible.

Slab Leak Repair Process

When you have a slab leak, the process that we go through is relatively simple as far as the way the steps go. It is not always easy to find where the leak has come from, but once we find it, the rest typically goes smoothly. The first step usually starts with you realizing that something isn’t quite right and you may have detected a possible leak somewhere. You may have even been told by another plumber that you have a foundation leak and called us to get the job done for you. Once you call us at Slab Leak Solutions, we will be able to come out as soon as possible to start the detection process. We use a variety of tools, but infrared technology is something that we can use to locate an area where the leak may be coming from and then once we do that, we can insert a camera into your pipes and locate the exact spot that the leak is at. From there, we can determine how bad the leak is and give you your slab leak repair options to see what you may want to do. One of those options may be a simple repair or it could be bad enough that a repiping should be done. Once we get approval for a concrete slab leak repair, we can get started.

How Long Does It Take To Fix a Slab Leak?

Throughout the process of fixing an under slab leak repair problem, your water will be turned off so it can be a difficult time to live in your home. We try our best to get the repairs done as quickly as possible so that there is no inconvenience for you or it is made to be as minimal as possible. Our professionals are always respectful of your home and will be available at any time to answer questions or go over what we are doing so that you feel comfortable every step of the way. A foundation water leak can happen at a moments notice and usually cause a lot of problems while they are doing that. We will be there as fast as we can to get to taken care of so that you don’t have any issues down the road or have your home develop future problems from this kind of things. Instead of looking online to find things like slab leak in fort worth or how to repair a water leak in concrete slab, just call us and we can get it done for you, quickly. It can take anywhere from a few days to a week or two to fix a slab leak, depending on the size of the water leak under a slab once we get down there. If you have a slab leak in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call us at 817-281-5325 so that we can help you.

  • How To Fix a Slab Leak Fixing a slab leak should always be done by a trained professional that has experience in slab leak repair.
  • Plumbing Inspection When you have a plumbing inspection done, it will help keep your pipes protected and lasting longer than before.
  • Repipe Specialists Repiping your home does not have to be stressful when you have professionals there to help you and get it done right away.
  • Slab Leak Insurance Coverage A slab leak can happen at any time so you will want to be as prepared as possible by getting slab leak coverage for your home.