Is a slab leak covered by home warranty?

slab with leak below it

What happens if you have a slab leak?

Insurance and warranty, two things we learn can be a lot of help, but they can also be useless at times.  However, we need them, especially when you buy a home or a vehicle, with one of them being required by your bank and the law. Do either of them offer slab leak coverage?  Keep reading and we’ll answer that question along with a few others.

First, what is a slab leak? A slab is what many homes are built on and inside that slab is the plumbing. When that plumbing develops a leak, that is a slab leak, and it isn’t good!  If you thought the Watergate leak coverage was bad news, that isn’t anything compared to when your plumber tells you have a slab leak. Coverage of this catastrophe is what we’re going to discuss here. 

A slab leak will cause a lot of damage to a home, sometimes before you even realize you have a slab leak. As a homeowner, you should need to be aware of several things that can tell you there may be a possible slab leak, coverage of damages happening could be not only the foundation (the slab) but it will get worse. 

The plumbing will come loose, the foundation will break, crack, even sink in places. Your flooring will be damaged along with the walls and in time, the ceiling can be affected by a slab leak. Coverage in water from that slab leak will affect the electrical wiring, even gas lines are in danger of shifting and breaking, developing a leak. 

A few ways to tell that you have a slab leak, coverage of water is in process under your home are: 

  • A Hot Floor: When a slab leak happens, the hot water will warm the floor because it has leaked in and under the slab. You may notice your water heater is running constantly, even when you haven’t been using any hot water. 
  • Sounds of Water:  When you hear sounds of water running or rushing in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or near the water heater, but none of the fixtures are on, you probably have a slab leak. Coverage of water is ensuing as you hear that water running.  
  • High Water Bill: When your water bill has jumped up more for no apparent reason, like out of town guests, especially if it remains high the next month, you probably have a slab leak. 
  • Damp Carpet or Flooring: Damp wet flooring is probably the most obvious indication of a slab leak. Water is a powerful source, even at a trickle, and it will find the path of least resistance. As it begins to accumulate in an area, it will pool up and spread out, your slab leak coverage of water  is going to expand at that point, fast. 
  • Low Water Pressure: If you notice that your  water pressure has dropped, that is probably the water leaking into the slab from a busted pipe. 

Now that you know what to look for in a slab leak, what the heck caused it? As we explained, the water pipes in your home are under the slab. Here in Texas, it is well known the ground shift with the weather, meaning it gets wet and swells, then it dries out and contracts.  

The plumbing that has been used in homebuilding for centuries can only take so much flexing.  Some plumbing materials, copper, galvanize steel, and others, will fight the chemical compost of the slab concrete and the slab wins, and you get a slab leak, coverage in water, as the prize. 

Can a slab leak cause foundation problems?

When a slab leak isn’t detected, or it is ignored, you are setting your home up for serious problems and the consequences aren’t going to be cheap. The following is just a few things that you can expect to happen with a slab leak: 

  • A large slab leak will soak the soil around and under the cement slab of you home, then wash that soil away. The cement slab has nothing holding it up now, so it shifts, sinks, cracks, and drop off. 
  • As the slab shifts, sinks, cracks, and drops off, the flooring and walls will give with it, and eventually the ceiling will start shifting with it all. 
  • That moisture from the slab leak, coverage of water seeps into those cracks and up your house, mildewing the flooring, walls, and the mold takes over, weakening your home’s very structure. 

Is a slab leak covered by insurance, will insurance cover slab leak?

Oh the number of times insurance companies are asked about  slab leak and insurance coverage!  Homeowners need to review the homeowner’s insurance policies once a year and update their memory on slab leak coverage. Will your homeowner’s offer any slab leak coverage? Will, you’ve heard before, it depends. 

The two main causes of a plumbing failures in a home. Frozen pipes win with 48% of claims, something that could often have been avoided with some preparation by the homeowner.  The other cause is material failure, meaning, the plumbing materials were weak or installed poorly. 

Before your homeowner’s insurance will approve any slab leak coverage, it needs to cover these three conditions, and even then, the coverage is going to be minimal at best:

  1. There must be evidence of slab leak damage to the home.
  2. Your homeowner’s policy has water damage coverage.
  3. The damage must have happened suddenly, not a long time of slow destruction. claim.

Two other factors that could be essential in having slab leak coverage would be:

  • If slab leak damage was done by failure of homeowner maintenance or tree roots. 
  • Homeowners insurance policies in Texas typically exclude any type of foundation coverage because the soil is mostly clay. A soil that is known to shift. Some insurance companies will offer a  water and foundation endorsement with a coverage up to 15% of the Coverage A stated in the policy. Typically a maximum of $25,000.
home with a slab

Do home warranties cover slab leaks?

Some do, some don’t.  Again, you need to review your policy every so often, so you have fresh memory of what is covered.  A slab leak can be caused by poor design,  construction, or the pipes could be damaged during construction. In that case, you may have slab leak coverage through your home warranty policy, even if you aren’t the original owner. New built homes typically have slab leak coverage for a period of time, you’ll want to consult with the builder for that coverage. 

Every homeowner will try (or should) find some way to get assistance in paying for major repairs around the home, understandable. So, if you happen to have a home in an HOA, does hoa cover slab leak? Well, if your home is a stand-alone house that is in an HOA, probably not, but the bi-laws and CC&R will provide you more exact details to this matter.  You can be certain though that they will be in your business on finding the right plumber that knows how to fix slab leak and in short time.  However, typically slab leak coverage in a condominium development is covered by the association. Call 817-281-5325 today for your slab leak repair needs in Fort Worth, TX.