Plumbing Inspection in Fort Worth, TX

Man Looking Under Sink

Make Sure You Get a Plumbing Inspection When You Suspect Something Is Wrong.

When your home plumbing is originally installed, your pipes are put in various places all over your home. Most of them are behind your walls and underground. This has its benefits since they are out of the way and they have a low risk of getting damaged. The downside is, if a leak starts in a buried pipe, it can be difficult to find the leak and get to it to fix it. In most cases, you won’t realize that you have a leak unless you are regularly checking for signs and symptoms or you notice your water bill has gone up recently.

Even a small leak can cause damage to your home or foundation. If you suspect that you have a leak, you should consider contacting a plumber for a plumbing video camera inspection. Because these leaks are difficult to find, using a plumber camera allows us to find the issue quickly. Without a camera, finding a leak could take hours and require tearing up the floor to find pipes. This makes a huge mess of your home and requires expensive repairs. Instead, we will do a video plumbing inspection using a small camera that is sent through your pipes. It gives us the ability to see where the leak is located without having to dig giant holes or examine your piping system for hours and hours, trying to find the leak. Here at Slab Leak Solutions, we offer a whole house plumbing inspection to check for any leaks or potential issues in your home’s plumbing system. That means that when there is a leak, we are the ones that you want to call. Below, we will talk about how these cameras work and why they are crucial to the plumbing profession. When you have a leak and need a plumbing inspection in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call our professionals right away at 817-281-5325. We can answer your questions and get you the help that you need.

How a Plumbing Video Inspection Works

When there is a leak somewhere in your pipes or underneath your slab, you will need to have a video inspection in order to find the problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. These cameras designed specifically for this type of job. They are completely waterproof and able to fit and maneuver around your pipes and sewer lines, with ease. Their flexibility is key in making sure that the camera goes into the pipe and is able to turn corners or fit in odd positions. Once the camera is inside, it will record everything it passes. The plumber will be able to see everything that the camera is seeing, by looking at a screen in front of them. This is how we are able to find the leak and determine if there is any more damage that is happening down below.

Once we locate a leak, we put together a plan for the repair. Our plumbing inspection camera service, believe it or not, is actually cheaper than the previous ways that leaks were found because of the reduced time and work required. While looking for the leaks, we will often times find clogs in drains as well. Sometimes they are the cause of the leak, but in any case, these blockages should be removed to prevent any further build up. When you need a plumber that knows all about video camera inspection in Fort Worth, TX, make sure you call Slab Leak Solutions at 817-281-5325 so that we can get it taken care of for you.

What a Leak Can Do To Your Home

Leaks can destroy a home if you do not catch them in time. It can cause major problems like foundation damage, flooding, and mold to name a few. One of the ways homeowners know they have slab leak is because their water bill goes through the roof. The problem is, the leak may have been there for a while, leaking water under your home and causing damage to your slab. It can cause the foundation to shift and create more issues inside your home. Leaks in pipes need to be found quickly to stop the problem and make sure there was no further damage in the process. Call our professionals whenever you need help locating a leak by dialing 817-281-5325!