Plumbing Leak Detection In Fort Worth, TX

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We Can Help Detect Your Leak Faster Than Ever

Plumbing leaks are extremely common and because of that, we decided to make it our specialty. A leak in your home can actually be very hard to find. Plumbers in the past have spent hours, even days, looking for leaks and charging a lot while they do it. The thing about leaks is that they can be coming from many different places. It can be a slab leak, water line, sewer, or pipe leak. Some can be easier to find than others, but trained professionals like ours, here at Slab Leak Solutions, will be able to find them with no problems at all. We specialize in home water leak detection because we believe that you should never be stuck with a leak that cannot be found. That is why we only have fully trained, certified, and insured plumbers on our team that are always honest and upfront about every service that we do. We offer high-quality water leak detection services so that when your home has a leak, we can find it right away and get it fixed so that no further damage is caused. Other plumbing companies may say that they do plumbing leak detection or slab leak detection, but this is all that we do, day in and day out. We have state of the art equipment that we know and understand better than anyone around because we believe that you deserve the best service, by the people who have seen it all, us. We will go over the different areas that leaks can be found and what we can do to find and correct the problem. When you need leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call our leak detection experts at 817-281-5325 to get the job done right.

Finding a Leak In Your Main Line

When there is a leak in your main line, you will need to make sure you notice the signs and get the issue resolved because this can cause a whole lot of problems that can be expensive to repair. There are a lot of signs that you can look out for, but don’t be surprised if you don’t notice some of them right away. The most common one that is said is that you will lose water pressure rapidly, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, water pressure will stay very close to the same and you will notice other symptoms first. It honestly all depends on the size of the leak and where it is located as well. When a line ruptures, that is when you will see the loss in pressure, otherwise, this isn’t something that usually happens. One method of water main leak detection is the plumber turns off the water to the home and checks the meter. If the meter is still running or moving, then a leak is happening. Once it has been decided there is a leak, you can start the process of finding it. This can be done by using a video camera to look in the water line and find the problem or by knowing exactly where the leak is coming from. In some cases, we will be able to use our years of experience to locate the leak but when the problem is underground, it can make it easier to use the camera.

Pipe Leak Detection

Leaking Pipe

When You Have A Leak In Your Pipe, We Can Find It And Repair It.

Water pipe leak detection is something that we do best. Detecting a leak right away is very important. Leaks in your home can end up causing major problems and hurt the foundation of your home as well. In many cases, you might know exactly where the leak is coming from. This is usually the cases when the pipe under your sink is leaking or the area around your toilet is wet, we can usually assume it is coming from somewhere in the toilet. There are occasions though that your water bill is skyrocketing, but you have no idea why. The first thing we will do is figure out if a leak is the reason for the high water bill. Once we determine that it is, we will be able to start our search for the leak itself. We have technology that will help to detect where the leak is coming from. If it is underground, we will use a video camera inspection and for others, we use a thermal camera to see if the water can be located and then find where the leak is at.

How Do We Detect a Leak?

Here at Slab Leak Solutions, we have the latest leak detection technology to find where the leaks are located faster than ever before. We also specialize in the field and have years of experience doing this so we can usually figure out the location that it is coming from and then work our way to find it. A video camera inspection is a great way to find a leak in your home, but we also use thermal camera water detection to find leaks as well. Water line leak detection is something that you want to have a professional leak detection company look at, not a general plumber. You will end up paying way more and won’t get the best services done. When you need home leak detection services in Fort Worth, TX done, call us at 817-281-5325 and we will be able to help you as quickly as possible.