Thermal Camera Water Leak Detection

Heat Detection

We Can Detect Areas That a Leak May Be Located.

When you have a leak in your home, whether it be underneath your slab or in the walls, it can be very difficult to find the source of the problem. In the past, plumbers have had a very hard time finding the source of many leaks. This is because they basically had to guess where it was and search until they found it. Not only was this time consuming, but it is very expensive as well. Plumbers now have special technology that allows them to find leaks easier than ever before. The reason it is typically so hard to find the source of a leak is because when water travels outside of a pipe, it can show up in places far away from where it actually was coming out of. When water travels outside of a pipe, it will go any way that it can. This is why sometimes you see a leak from the roof on your ceiling but when you check your roof, the problem is way far off from where the sign was. There is a great technology that we use called thermal imaging leak detection, that allows us to detect leaks a lot easier than before. This does not allow us to see the actual leak, but to find the source of the leak using the heat that the water lets off and the change of temperature patterns from where the water is flowing.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Plumbing

An infrared camera is an excellent tool that we use here at Slab Leak Solutions to assist in finding leaks in places behind walls or under the floors. These places can be very difficult to locate a leak on our own and the longer you wait to fix a leak, the worse it can get and the more damage that it will continue to create. The camera will be able to show us different thermal patterns to see if there is heat that is moving across your wall and if there are spots that are different than the others. This will tell us that there is a problem in your pipes in that area. It can also help to detect if there is an issue with your insulation and if there is cold air that is traveling in that area. That means that it can not only help find your leak, but it will be able to detect other issues that are going on as well. Water that has accumulated in one area is usually easy to spot because the temperature is usually different than the surrounding area so the spot will show up as dark blue on the camera screen. There are so many things to take into consideration when looking at the different colors on the screen so it is important that you only have a skilled and experienced plumber doing this. We have been doing this for many years and are experts in the way that these machines work because this is all that we do. We have learned the way that plumbing thermal imaging works in all ways so that we can find your leak faster than ever before and get it repaired. Thermal imaging for leak detection is a commonly used way because it doesn’t require going into the pipes and it requires no digging to find the problem. This is not to say that those two things may have to be done, in certain situations, but this is usually a great starting point that plumbers can use to be more effective and time-sensitive when trying to find an issue in your home.

Choosing Thermal Imaging And Us

When you choose Slab Leak Solutions, you are going to get the best leak detection specialists around. Water leak detection thermal imaging is something that we use to help find leaks in an easier way. This machine will not be able to see moisture in the walls, but our trained eyes will be able to see on the screen where there are different temperature variations. This will help us to narrow down a location that the leak could be located and then make decisions on how to move forward. We will then be able to find the leak this way and get rid of it. This is also an excellent tool to find slab leaks or a location that the slab leak is happening. Because slab leaks can be difficult to locate and get to, it is important that we find as close to the area as we can before we begin either digging into your foundation or making any kind of hole in your floor. When you need to find a leak using thermal imaging for water leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call our professionals at 817-281-5325 so that we can be there for you and get this problem taken care of. Remember, do not wait on a leak because the longer that you let it go, the more damage that it will do to your home.