Should I Do a Sewer Inspection?

A Technician Hooks Up a Plumbing Video Inspection Camera.

Should I do a sewer inspection?

There are many reasons you’d want to have your sewer lines inspected. Obviously, if you suspect your sewer line is clogged or backed-up or otherwise damaged, you’ll want to have your sewer lines inspected. You especially want to have the sewer line inspected if you are buying a house. A plumbing video inspection of the sewer lines isn’t always part of a standard home inspection, but should be performed. This is one of the best ways to catch potential problems like a potential back-up or find tree roots invading the line. These are problems you don’t want to encounter a few weeks after moving into your new home. You don’t want to have to pay for repairs after you move in, especially if you’re going to end up having your yard torn up and spend thousands of dollars repairing damaged pipes.

Many plumbing professionals also recommend getting your sewer lines inspected as part of regular plumbing maintenance to catch, avoid, or prevent problems like back-ups. Whether it’s part of a new home inspection or regular maintenance, when you need a sewer drain camera inspection or plumbing inspection in Fort Worth, TX, look to the professionals at Slab Leak Solutions. You can set up an inspection by calling 817-281-5325.

How long does a sewer line inspection take?

Typically, a plumbing video inspection of the sewer lines takes about an hour. Sometimes an inspection will take longer. The time it takes to perform the inspection will depend on how easy it is to access the sewer lines, how long the lines are, how many turns you have to navigate, and what problems are encountered. 

Can you rent a drain camera?

Yes, sewer drain cameras can be rented. You may be able to rent them from big box home improvement and hardware retailers or equipment supply companies. Check with retailers or supply companies to see what is available in your area. If you are planning to do a plumbing video inspection you’ll be wondering “How do you use a pipe inspection camera?”

Actually, using the camera is a fairly simple process.

  • Insert the camera into the main sewer line cleanout or vent stack.
  • Snake the camera through the sewer line.
  • Follow the camera’s progress on the camera’s video monitor.
  • Look for blockages such as mud or tree roots.
  • Use the location device on the camera to determine where the camera is when a blockage is found.

If you are trying to find a leak with a sewer camera, it will be very difficult to tell if you have a leak with just the camera alone. You’ll need a plumbing inspection camera with locator to find leaks. Even with this equipment, leak detection using a camera can be difficult, especially if you are unsure about what you’re looking for, especially because you are looking inside the pipe and leaks are going to be outside the pipe. Sewer lines are especially difficult because waste material builds up on the inside of the pipe over time. If you get help from a leak detection specialist like Slab Leak Solutions, we have other equipment like sound devices that make it easier to detect and locate leaks.

Commercial plumbing video inspection

A plumbing video inspection for a commercial building can be complicated, especially given the size of most commercial buildings, and the amount of piping in them. Still, you do not want to neglect any repairs you may need, and video inspection is very useful when it comes to finding problems like blockages. Neglecting repairs could lead to problems with the health department or with insurers.

How do you replace a sewer line under a slab?

Most of your sewer lines run underneath your home’s foundation, or slab. If there is a leak or the line is otherwise damaged the line will have to be repaired or replaced. There are a few options that can be taken for repairs. In some cases, the leak will have to be located and it may require plumbers or leak repair specialists to dig through the foundation to get to the damaged pipe. A more recent innovation in repairs is tunneling, in which professionals locate the leak and then dig under the foundation to get to the damaged pipe and make the repair while underground. 

Other options include pipe relining and pipe bursting. With relining, an epoxy-coated tube is sent through the damaged pipe to reline it. This fix narrows the pipe slightly but is very effective. With pipe bursting, a whole new pipe is dragged through the old pipe, bursting it, so the new pipe takes its place. In extreme cases, if there are problems like multiple leaks or all the piping is old and corroded, the home may need to be repiped. Before repairs are made, a plumbing video inspection is required in which a camera is sent through the lines to find problems like blockages and sometimes leaks. 

Sewer Line Under a Foundation.

Video plumbing inspection near me

If you think you might have an issue in your sewer line or main water line and need a reliable plumbing video inspection in Fort Worth, TX, look to the experts at Slab Leak Solutions. We have the right tools like cameras and sound equipment to detect leaks and blockages in all your lines and drains. Find out more or schedule a service by calling 817-281-5325.