Slab Leak Insurance Coverage

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Make Sure Your Insurance Covers All Of Your Slab Leak Problems.

Slab leaks are typically very unexpected and if you are lucky enough to catch them in time, you can stop them before any major damage occurs. However, that usually isn’t the case, and damage usually is what you notice as a symptom before you call out a professional. Once you discover the damage, your next call should be to your insurance company to see what they will cover before you call us out. Not all insurance policies are the same and every insurance company is a little different as well. In some cases, they will cover these kinds of issues and sometimes, unfortunately, they will not. You will typically have to prove somehow that this was an accident and that you didn’t know there were any problems. We can help you with that and will be able to prove that this was an unforeseen issue and not something you simply just didn’t want to deal with. Our team of professional leak detectors knows all of the ins and outs of leak detection. That means that when you need fast and effective leak detection services and slab leak knowledge in Fort Worth, TX, that we should be your first call. Never hesitate to give us a call at 817-281-5325 so that we can find your slab leak and provide you with options that you can feel good about.

Common Questions Asked About Insurance

Does homeowners insurance cover water leaks?

Questions about insurance companies are always difficult to answer because they typically require so much information about your situation. The best way to get a complete and accurate answer would be to contact an insurance representative from your area as soon as you detect that you have a slab leak. In most cases, water leaks will be covered by insurance. The kicker is that you will likely have to provide some kind of evidence that you didn’t know about this issue or it was not caused by you. For example, if you lost your ring in a sink and tried to fish it out, but ended up puncturing the pipe somehow or when putting the pipe back together, caused a leak, that will not be covered. If you came home from work though, and the pipe under your kitchen sink was leaking suddenly and you just discovered it, that would probably be covered. Insurance companies all have very different sets of rules and guidelines that they go by so it is always important to ask them first.

Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line replacement?

This question is a little tricky because it will depend on many factors. Insurance companies don’t usually like to replace sewer lines. For most of the time, if you file a claim to have a sewer line replaced, you will likely be denied. This is because the insurance company will usually tell you that you should have done the maintenance on it every year to keep it up to date. They will look at the age of your sewer line, why you would need a new one, and if it can be repaired instead. The way that these claims tend to get accepted is when there is proof of faulty workmanship on the end of the plumber who installed it. Poor installation is usually the only way that your claim will get approved in this type of situation. If your sewer line issue has caused you damage in your home like a flooded basement, they will likely pay for you to have that cleaned up though, silver lining, maybe?

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing breaks under slab?

Slab leaks are often in a grey area as to what parts of the slab leak repair they will cover. The reason for this is because sometimes people will opt to repipe everything as a precaution, but insurance companies don’t do precautionary problems, they fix what is necessary and that is usually it. There are exceptions and certain situations that this will be different, but that is something you will have to discuss with your insurance agent. The common things that insurance companies will cover are:

  • Any kind of structural damage that a slab leak may have caused to your home
  • The water damage that it has done, whether it be to your floors, walls, items in your home, and so forth
  • The plumbers having to take the slab out and put in a new one, but they will not pay for the piping to be taken out and replaced (remember that is precautionary)
  • They will typically cover other things like lost clothing, furniture, other household items if, the slab leak occurred because of something like a fire.

Typically Won’t Cover

  • Any kind of neglect on your part
  • Any issues that you may have caused yourself
  • Tree roots that may have gotten into the pipes and caused the leak
  • Long-term wear and tear from being old

Contact Our Experts

So often we get asked about insurance and we can usually help you in a lot of ways, but the best place to ask questions is your insurance company. If you would like to get a quote or schedule a detection or leak repair in Fort Worth, TX, by calling us at 817-281-5325. The professionals at Slab Leak Solutions are here for you and will make sure that you are always taken care of.