Slab Leak Symptoms

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Check Your Water Meter To Help Detect a Leak.

Slab leaks don’t happen often, but when they do, they can really rock your world. Any leak can be frustrating to find or have repaired, but a slab leak is something completely different. The reason we stress the importance of knowing the symptoms of a slab leak so much is because the longer you wait to have it repaired, the more likely you are to end up with damage to your foundation, get mold, and have to replace parts of your floor or walls. Not to mention that when you have a slab leak, your water bill can fly through the roof. It is also important that when you suspect that you have a leak in your slab, that you call our professionals right away. We are a slab leak detection company that specializes in finding leaks in a very particular way. General plumbers are great at what they do, but they do not see slab leaks as often as we do. We see them every single day and know just what to look for. Knowing what to look out for and how to keep your home from getting a leak is crucial in the job that comes with being a homeowner. Below, we will go over the different symptoms that you should be on the lookout for and if you suspect that you have a slab leak in Fort Worth, TX, make sure you call our experts at Slab Leak Solutions by dialing 817-281-5325 and let us help you find your leak faster than anyone else.

Signs Of a Slab Leak

Higher Water Bill – Receiving a higher water bill is usually the first major sign that you will notice. This happens because water is coming out of your pipes 24 hours a day. Unless you turn the water off to your home, this will not stop and water will continue to be wasted every minute that you wait to get this fixed. If you get a water bill that is much higher than what you have gotten in the past, it is important to get it checked out and see what kind of problems are going on because this is one of the symptoms.

Wet Spots – If you have carpet and you begin to feel wet spots that cannot be explained, this could mean that there is a leak that is happening underneath your slab. Another good way to know is if you have hardwood floors and you start to see warping on the corners of the floor coming up, this means that it has had some kind of water damage. If you can’t think of any other reason why there would be water damage there, it is likely because the water is coming from underneath the floor where you cannot see it.

Water Pooling – If you walk outside and see unexplained water on your cement or close to a wall that couldn’t possibly have gotten there for any other reason, you may want to start checking into a leak specialist like ours because these are symptoms of a slab leak. This can also happen on the inside of your home as well and water can get onto your walls and ruin them, causing mold and bacteria to begin to grow. If water beings to pool in one area, the leak is probably getting worse and causing a lot of damage. You may want to consider turning your water off until the leak can be located.

Mold – Anytime water sits in one place for longer than it is supposed to, it begins to develop mold, especially if the places are warmer and more humid. When the water from your slab leak gets on or underneath your carpet, mold will start to form and it will spread. That mold can be dangerous to the health of you and your family and it will require you to even rip out that carpet and have it replaced. This will put off a smell that cannot be missed. It will smell musty and no matter how much you clean, it will still be there. If it has gotten to the point where you smell it, it is probably in your walls and covering the bottom of your carpet as well.

Warm Floor – One common sign that we have noticed is that there will be warm spots or just one spot, on your floor. This is because that is where the water is pooling up and likely the leak is nearby. This water is getting heated 24 hours a day by your water heater and then is leaking out in the same spot over and over again so your floor will end up getting substantially warmer in that spot than in any other areas.

Contact Our Leak Experts

These symptoms are very important to look out for and will likely be the most common ones that you see. When it comes to a slab leak, time is literally money so you want to make sure that there is nothing holding you back from calling us at 817-281-5325. It may seem overwhelming and the process can be lengthy and inconvenient but we always work hard to get the repair done as quickly as possible and provide you with options that you can be comfortable with. When you need help with a slab leak in Fort Worth, TX, call Slab Leak Solutions right away get the best and quickest help.